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We’re Opening a Store in Boulder!



Boulder, CO. (April 25, 2016) – Skirt Sports is opening its first retail store in Boulder this May, continuing to expand its empire of versatile athletic clothing that fits real women’s bodies. The retail store will be located at 28th and Pearl Streets, at one of the busiest intersections in one of the most active cities in the world. It is in the same shopping center as Boulder Running Company, creating an even more compelling destination for runners and active women. “We waited a long time to find the perfect location for our first Skirt Sports retail store. The Boulder market is very tight, so when this location opened up, we jumped on it,” said founder Nicole DeBoom.

Our awesome new ceiling!

The store will be a hub for the community that Skirt Sports has nurtured since Nicole created the first-ever running skirt in 2004. “Our vision for the store is to create an environment of inspiration and acceptance. A woman’s relationship with her body is very personal, so having the ability to try everything on in a welcoming environment is so important.”



Close to local trails, Skirt Sports will host community runs, and special events like mother-daughter clinics, as well as group workouts. The walls will be covered with customer images and inspirational mantras and anyone who walks in the door will be treated to a personal shopping experience if she desires.


Skirt Sports is no stranger to building community. After creating the fitness skirt category in women’s running, with the initial goal of “covering her butt on the run,” Nicole realized that she had done much more than solve the problems she encountered with running shorts. She had created a brand that resonates with women, that after more than a decade boasts a fanatical following that snaps up new offerings the day they are released.


Skirt Sports offers women’s running and fitness products for all seasons, from head to toe, including high impact sports bras, outerwear, skirts, leggings and more. Their sizes range from XS-XXL and most importantly, they offer products that fit all body types. “The best part of Skirt Sports is that we don’t discriminate based on age, size, shape, or any other factor. We would never ask women to change their bodies to fit into our clothing. We make clothing that fits them just as they are which motivates them even more,” says Skirt Sports President Sarah Vernon-Brunner, who has been on board since 2006 and will play an integral role in developing the retail store concept.


Skirt Sports will open for business in mid May. The much anticipated grand opening will be announced soon afterward and will give women a sneak peek of the newest projects Skirt Sports is dreaming up.