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Ultra Cute, Ultra Chafe-Free!

It was muSamReilly-2ddy, humid and hot. Typical April, Florida weather conditions and a recipe for chafing disasters. The race, “JW Corbett, ” is a non-profit race that uses its proceeds to buy instruments for children in South America; it is typically known as the hardest 50 miler in Florida. The course is soul crushing, full sun in many parts and covered in water. As a long distance female runner my lovely tree trunk thighs make a habit of rubbing raw in these conditions and there’s not enough lube in the world to keep that from happening.

About a year ago I found my ultra-running chafing solution… Skirt Sports! To be specific, the “Lioness.” I finished the race in 9 hours and 55 minutes. I was the 1st place female and 3rd overall but the best part was… I was chafe-free! Even as I cringed getting in the shower later I didn’t have any sneaky spots! The race was miserable for me, even though the course is beautiful my body wanted to fall apart; but unlike many races in the past I didn’t have to change my shorts because of riding up and hot sports, I was able to look fabulous even though I felt awful!


I have run almost every Ultra in a “skirt sports” product since January and nothing I own compares to the magic sewn into each colorful design. The built in shorts stayed in place for almost 10 hours of running and the fabric up top didn’t leave any marks in my skin. Pure magic, I also ran the “Croom Fools 50 mile” race the first weekend of April in my “redemption shorts” in the pouring rain, I placed 3rd overall and beat my personal record with a time of 8 hours and 43 minutes! I was spoiled by not having to worry about my thighs bleeding (yes, these bad boys have bled). My next race is “8 hours of hell,” July 11th in Osprey, Florida and by the name alone it I’m sure you can guess what I’ll be wearing…I LOVE MY SKIRT SPORTS!