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My First Skirt: Tiff M.

There will always be 2 pivotal events that brought me to Skirt Sports:


1. Being a huge tomboy yet having to be the boss’s wife aka dressing fancy when I really don’t want to 😉


2. Going back to work after having children as a personal trainer


Let me start with #1! After one of my husband’s promotions many years ago I was told that I needed to dress nice for the upcoming company picnic. Well as a true tomboy, fear suddenly entered my mind as the thought of dressing up and wearing a skirt entered my mind. Cold sweats developed at the horror! I haven’t worn a dress since my wedding day, how was I going to pull this off?!?!?!  After some deep breathing exercises to calm my nerves I decided to jump on the computer and try to find something that would appease my tomboy mentality and fit my comfort needs yet look nice for a company picnic.  And suddenly I found it: Skirt Sports!!! The Gym Girl Ultra met my needs perfectly!  It was black so I could dress it up, it had attached shorties, and the comfort……OH my inner tomboy was in heaven and that started my love affair with Skirt Sports!!


Tiff5Now on to #2, After my 3rd child I decided to return to my personal training career. I had kept up my certifications and trained some clients here and there but was ready to get a bit more serious about my career.  I had gotten a job at a local gym but I was stumped on what to wear.  I just didn’t think I could pull off the all black tight capris all the other young personal trainer girls were wearing as uniforms.  Here I was 10+ years older, 3 kids later than most my co-workers. I suddenly remembered Skirt Sports and that black skirt. I went back to their website and found my next purchase!  The Lotta Breeze Capri Skirt the perfect combination! Black capris attached to a skirt was exactly what I needed for my new job! I could look cute, professional and comfortable. The skirt was completely functional for my job too! PERFECTION!!


Tiff3These 2 events is what started and blossomed my love affair with Skirt Sports and it just grew from there.  Now I not only work in Skirt Sports I train in them. You name the race I wore a Skirt Sports item in that race!!  Marathons, Half-Ironmans, and 1 Ironman and always my trusty Skirtsports is there for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!


If someone were to ask me my favorite Skirt Sports length living here in Minnesota I will always say anything capri.  While the Lotta Breeze Capri always has a piece of my heart I do LOVE the Jette Capri.  It adds some more spice and girliness to my wardrobe! I just feel prettier when I wear it with those adorable pleats and you just can’t go wrong with that length!