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My First Skirt: Theresa G.

This story really begins back in the summer of 2005.

I had graduated college that spring and no longer had free, essentially unlimited access to a hockey rink. I was still playing, but I needed another way to, well, not be lazy. Enter running. The neighborhood decided to try putting on a 5K for the Fourth of July, so I figured, I’ve run a little, why not race it?

Ha. Famous last words. I about died.

Fast forward to 2007, and I was slowly getting bit by the running bug. More importantly, a friend convinced me to sign up for a triathlon. I didn’t really know it at the time (or I knew, but it wasn’t an important mental detail), but that was my first introduction to Skirt Sports, as they were the apparel sponsor for that year’s Tri for the Cure. Therefore, my official OFFICIAL first Skirt was actually … a shirt.

 photo tri-girls_zpsjkuvfxj9.jpg

A little over a year later, I ran into the company again, quite literally, when my husband and I signed up for the SkirtChaser 5K that fall. If you paid a little extra with your registration, you could get a skirt or even a whole outfit! I went for the whole shebang, obviously. Free outfit? Yes please!

 photo skirtchaser2_zpsginesu6y.jpg

That early iteration chafed this girl’s thighs a bit and the side pockets hadn’t quite been perfected … yet. Still, this skirt (and a black version … I ended up owning five of these exact skirts – two red and three black!) would eventually become one of my race go-tos (with an extra pair of shorts underneath!), due to the amazing pearl snaps to hold my race bibs.

I slowly started amassing my Skirt collection.

 photo may12ride6_zpshfsq3xat.jpg
Cruiser Bike Girl, May ’09.

 photo tt9_zps89yfyjxj.jpg

Tough Girl, November ’09.

I hadn’t 100% Converted to Skirt yet, as evidenced by a photo taken sometime during the ’09-’10 winter … photo crazy_run_getup_zpsl4iiuewv.jpg

This skirt may look fun and bright, but it was constrictive and not at ALL fun to run in!

… but by mid-2010, I was a full-on Skirt-aholic, and Skirt debuted in my triathlon apparel that summer in my first Olympic distance race. photo rsot12_zpslcuqz5mc.jpg

I introduced myself to the head Skirt herself, Nicole DeBoom, in 2011, and in 2014, got this amazing picture at what would become the Skirt Sports 13er.

 photo nicole_me2_zps2iplgg0x.jpg

Now, I wouldn’t dream of running or racing in anything but Skirt. I’ve expanded my Skirt repertoire so much over the past few years, finding a favorite in the Gym Girl Ultra and now, a NEW favorite in the Lioness (I admit it – I was prejudiced against it when it was called the Cougar. I missed out on some amazing Skirt!). I love the vintage Race Belt Skirts I have which I can make work with any tri kit. I love how Nicole and company keep pushing the envelope with their new products and innovations (Gotta Go and Sewing Room anybody?).

More than anything, I love the community that has been organically grown out of Skirt, and the wonderful friends I have made. If you want a fabulous, amazing group of strong, hilarious, and inspiring women to join, maybe try a Skirt yourself. You’ll be forever changed.

 photo run_selfie_zpshupoagr2.jpg