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The “To Go” Skirt – Meet the Designer behind the Serendipity Skirt

Becca Schmidt and doggie
Becca with her dog Barcelona

Meet Becca Schmidt, designer of the Serendipity Sarong — a “ready to go” skirt that folds into a little pouch!

Becca is a yoga instructor in Orlando, Florida.  And, she’s the first to admit, she spends a LOT of time in yoga pants! Teaching up to 12 yoga classes a week, Becca also stays fit with power yoga, boot camp, bicycling, running and weight training.
Add to that, she’s a wife, and busy mom of a teenaged boy, two rambunctious dogs and an elderly cat!
The “skirt in a pouch” was actually a joint idea between Becca and her identical twin sister. The two sisters were on a power walk in Charleston, South Carolina, and thought it would be fun to continue their walk through a row of shops and restaurants and enjoy some lunch. Feeling quite underdressed for dining in a cafe, they pondered the idea of having some kind of transitional wardrobe piece to cover snug-fitting workout shorts. When the twins got home, they drew dozens of sketches and came up with a sarong-style skirt which would fold into its own pocket, and could be stashed easily into a purse or glove compartment.  A “to go” skirt was born!
Becca believes a sense of play is an important part of practicing yoga.
Becca believes a sense of play is an important part of practicing yoga.

As a 12-year veteran yoga teacher, Becca believes yoga should continue “off the yoga mat and into the real world.” She teaches classes that aim to inspire her students to do good things for others and for the planet. She also believes that yoga can be incredibly transforming.

“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to invite your inner child to come back and play for a while,” says Schmidt.  “I invite my students to tap into a time when they felt goofy and were not afraid to be upside down, or to stand on one leg, or even to fall down.” She believes that a playful yoga class can change a person’s whole day, or even their whole life.
Becca headshot
Becca Schmidt, owner of Blue Moon Yoga, also teaches at Warrior One Power Yoga and Florida Hospital

She chose the name Serendipity for her skirt because she thinks life is full of happy surprises. And because the sarong cover she designed pops out from a surprisingly small pouch, she thought the women who use the skirt would also feel this same sense of Serendipity! The best thing about this style is that you don’t have to do yoga to appreciate it. Any woman, anywhere, who wants a lightweight, easy-pack, cute, flattering cover-up skirt needs this style!