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The Gotta Go is a Go!

The first-ever skirt designed to cater to women’s secret bladder needs will arrive in April 2016.

Here’s how it happened.

You asked. You weren’t afraid. You put yourself out there. You literally said, “I leak. I pee a lot. I have a heavy period. I want something that will make my life better. It sucks to talk about, but this is something that would really help me.”

We listened to you. These are real issues. No one else is doing anything about them. Why not us?

We listened to our gut. I’ll be honest – the concept of making a “pee skirt” for women was a little overwhelming. It’s a technically complex product concept that touches on sensitive issues that are not easy to talk about.

We decided that making women happier in their own bodies was more important than any stigma a controversial product may bring. We decided to put it out there and let you lead the way.

One month later we have over 800 Gotta Go Skirts reserved. We blew away our initial $35,000 goal and proved that sensitive women’s issues don’t have to be so sensitive when we ended at $60,000! The truth is that every woman runner could benefit from this skirt. We all pee. This skirt not only provides a peepee shortcut (thanks Trap Door), but it also helps the leakers and the menstruators stay drier and happier. The best thing that came from this is the knowledge that we are not alone!

It’s a win-win-win-win-win!

We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you Gotta Go Backers for your confidence that Skirt Sports will deliver an insanely amazing end-product. We will. That is our promise to you. Thank you Skirt Sports Ambassadors for sharing this message to your communities who now know even more about you than they may want! Thank you Emily, Dawn and Patti for sharing your stories on a video that has been viewed by over 25,000 people (You’re officially famous!). Thank you Skirt Sports team for going with the flow (the jokes don’t have to end!) and giving 100% to this crazy campaign. Thank you to our Kickstarter leader, Cheryl, who let us use both her mind and her body – we may have abused the privilege when she became the “action pee girl” on our marquee video! Thank you to those media folks who weren’t afraid to get this message out there.

Thank you to our bodies for continuing to work hard, even though we go through crazy changes throughout our lives. Let’s continue to love and embrace the magic of our bodies. With every big issue that arises, we can always create new products and technologies to make it better.

So what will the next big idea be? What can we do to help make your running lives better? The Gotta Go was just the tip of the iceberg for Skirt Sports. Don’t be afraid. Just ask. We promise to listen.