TESS Talk with Ash Beckham: A Leadership Workshop

Our favorite TESS Talker is back with a new workshop to support her upcoming book debut “Step Up: How to Live with Courage and Become an Everyday Leader.” Ash will guide us through a fun, interactive workshop that will help us become better leaders every single day. She’s actually using this event as a practice round so the big bonus is this: It’s free! Well, minus the $5 cover charge for snacks and drinks. Limited to 40. Who’s in?

More about the workshop:
The goal of this workshop is to create personalized, actionable goals for you to become more authentic leaders in your everyday life. By breaking daunting tasks into thirds, you will set simple, attainable goals that allow you to progress over time and have a repeatable model in place for future goals – authenticity-related or otherwise.

The workshop will be a combination of Ash’s personal stories (used to illustrate concepts and transition between ideas) and group work. There will be some time for individual reflection.

The end product workbook will be a tangible piece that you can take with you and use it as a reference guide as needed.