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The Story Behind the Wonder Wool Collection

Check out Skirt Sports Founder Nicole DeBoom and her family rocking their wool in the 80s.

Hello Wonder Wool!

Gone are the days of your itchy, oversized, bulky, cable wool turtleneck sweater. It’s okay to grieve just a little and then close your 1987 high school yearbook and embrace your needs today. It’s 2017. You’re busy. You roll from workout to work to family to friends to fun. And you don’t always have time for a change. So we asked what’s important to you today and you answered!

The top 5 reasons we created the Wonder Wool collection.

  1. You appreciate things that feel good on your body. Wool is SOFT! Especially the wool blend fabric we created for this collection that features a French terry construction. That means the outside is flat, soft and fashionable, while the inside has long loops that create a slightly higher “pile” and allow for really awesome breathability and moisture transfer.
  2. You worry about skin damage and those scary UV rays. Wool has NATURAL UV PROTECTION.
  3. You don’t have time to hand wash each clothing item separately. Wool is MACHINE WASHABLE. Hallelujah!
  4. Sometimes you stink. Let’s face it – lady hormones and active living don’t always smell awesome. Wool is naturally ODOR RESISTANT. At the micro level, wool fibers overlap like shingles on a roof. This keeps dirt and moisture on the surface, which keeps odors at bay.
  5. It’s getting chilly out there! Wool equals WARMTH, even when wet (or sweaty). It’s also breathable, wicks sweat and helps regulate skin temperature in any season – which makes it a great base layer or outer layer.