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Spin Class in Skirt Sports

Reposted from Jenna at Lunchpails and Lipstick blog

Last year I fell in LOVE with cycling. I never had the desire to try it, so I just never did. I had a friend tell me to just try it once. After I realized how amazing it was I have been hooked ever since. I used to think, “if I spin my legs will triple in size and I will have to buy bigger jeans.” This is so wrong! I’m here to tell you that don’t ever let that mentality hold you back from trying new things. Yes you will put on muscle but it will be lean muscle. Spinning is cardio and you can’t bulk by doing it. Trust your body! This weekend I went to one of my favorite spin classes in these leggings by Skirt Sports. I love how slimming they are. I love any legging that feels like a good pair of spanx while working out. I had no idea but Skirt Sports has a cult following of women that eat, sleep, and live in their skirt sports leggings. Now I know why they never take them off!


Reasons I love spin classes

  1.  burn up to 800 calories in one hour
  2. music (find an instructor with the same taste) nothing worse than cycling to Neil Diamond the entire class
  3.  friends
  4.  I sort out more in my head during that hour than any other time in my day. Free therapy, an hour to organize my day and an hour to sweat out toxins.
  5.  Feels cleansing — you sweat so much! It’s so good for your skin!
  6.  Set your own pace and work toward your own goal
  7.  Works your CORE too!
  8.  Sculpts your legs and booty.
  9.  You’ll leave with a crazy energy that feels almost euphoric. It sticks with you for the entire day.
  10.  An hour goes by really fast! The workout is over before you know it.


After spin class I used the rowing machine for abs.

  1. get on the back of the machine and place your toes on the sliding board while you get into plank positon
  2. using your core raise up to a pike positon by sliding the board toward you
  3. repeat by sliding the board back and forth
  4. do 3 sets of 20
  5. good luck!
  6. planks with rowing machine at Equinox