Sewing Room FAQ’s

So how does The Sewing Room work?

You participate in our product design, marketing and funding process from ideation to creation. #1) Share your design ideas by submitting them through our online portal. #2) Support design ideas by voting on the ones you like best. #3) Fund designs by preordering your faves. If designs meet the minimum funding requirement, we will make them!

Do I need to be a professional designer to share my ideas?

No! That’s the point – you don’t need to have a design background to have a great idea. However, you do need some sort of visual that people will be able to reference so they can understand your idea. The better the visual representation of your idea, the better chance they will fund it.

When do I pay?

When you fund a design, you’re not paying immediately. We’ll validate your credit card number initially, and charge you when the item reaches its funding goal. If the item reaches its funding deadline without reaching its goal, you will not be charged.

Can I change my size / address?

This may be possible on a case by case basis depending on how many units we order. If you need to exchange your size either before or after it ships, please contact us as soon as possible at

When will my items be shipped?

The expected shipping date is listed on each item’s product page.

Can a design be funded more than 100%?

Yes, designs are available for funding for 30 days after they are posted regardless of how quickly they meet their minimum funding requirement.

Can I return an item after I receive it?

Yes.  If the item doesn’t meet your expectation or does not fit properly, please fill out the Returns Form and send back the product to Skirt Sports, 2795 Pearl Street Suite 102, Boulder, CO 80302.  You will follow the same process as returning an item purchased through our online store.  Click here for more info on our Returns process.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely – we ship Skirt Sports all over the world! Just select international shipping when you check out.

Please note that customs, duties and taxes are not included in the shipping cost.  You will be responsible for paying that upon receiving the package.  If you’d like to know your country’s customs charges beforehand, contact your local post office for more information or check out this link.

Do you have any items in stock that I can buy now?

Yes, we are a full service women’s apparel brand offering many styles in stock at all times. Please let us know if we can help you find the right style/size for your body!

How do I figure out my size?

Our size chart is available on every product page so you can reference it before funding.