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My favs…Running and Beer

Running is my favorite. So is craft beer. And if you look around, you’ll see that I’m not alone. Beer has long been a favorite offering at the end of races and more and more races have a beer company as sponsor.  Runners have also been incorporating beer into their runs for years with the Hash House Harriers and the more recent explosion of the Beer Mile.  In addition, both  Women’s Running and Runner’s World have recently written articles about why runners should drink beer (or perhaps at least why they shouldn’t feel guilty making beer part of their lifestyle.)  Want to get in on the fun? Here are some ways that you can combine these two favorite pastimes…

  1. Join a club like Running for Brews, a multi state social beer club that meets at different pubs for a short run and then a beer or two.

  2. Look for a pub specific run club. If you are going to happy hour, you might as well run first, right? And many brewpubs and breweries are willing to help you out with that. From Joggers and Lagers at Port City Brewing in Virginia to the Denver Beer Company run club in Colorado to Shoes and Brews, a unique running store with a craft beer taproom in the back, there are many local options to let you get your beer on after a run with other beer loving runners

  3. Run a race. The races are quickly becoming too numerous to mention, but here are a few of the more well known ones: Oskar Blues Brew Run, Dogfish Dash, Boilermaker 15K which is sponsored by FX Matt Brewing – the brewery that makes the well known Saranac beers. Even one of Skirt Sports favorite breweries, Ska Brewing, recently held a  half marathon which included an entry to the San Juan Brewfest.

  4. Go for a really unique experience – run a beer relay of some sort. There are several “Beer Relays” that offer the opportunity to take turns running around a 5K loop with a beer in the middle. But what sounds the most fun to me is the Bend Beer Chase. This relay outside of Bend, Oregon actually includes runner exchanges at breweries!


The beer community is just as filled with awesome people as the running community. I’ve always felt that both communities draw a lot of the same time of people – friendly, inclusive, and upbeat people. But not only are the communities similar, often they are the same. It’s not hard to find a runner at a craft beer festival nor is it hard to find someone who’ll join you for a beer at a race. So the next time the urge to run and then grab a beer hits you, go with it. You won’t be alone.

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