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Run This World Podcast – 81 – Tracy O’Malley Steps Out of Her Past and Into Her Truth


Today I caught up with an old friend from Downers Grove, IL. Tracy O’Malley and I grew up together and graduated from Downers South in 1990. I went on to become a pro triathlete and start Skirt Sports. Along the way I battled many demons and tackled many barriers. Tracy went on to become one of the most sought-after speakers, network marketing experts and lifestyle entrepreneurs out there. But as we know, there’s always a story behind the woman. Tracy has battled her own demons and tackled countless barriers before she has finally found the strength and courage to step into her own truth and become exactly who she was meant to be.


This episode covers so many topics that will rock you to your soul, especially if you or someone you love has experienced them. Tracy grew up in an alcoholic household. Her dad was a feisty, Irish, high-functioning “archer bunker” style alcoholic and the eggshell-type environment his drinking created in her home laid the foundation for Tracy to create that exact environment as she got older. Like father like daughter, Tracy’s relationship with alcohol played a huge part of her life for 25 years, through multiple stages, until it became so obvious that she was not the person she wanted to be as long as she included it in her life. But even when she was sort of flimsily trying to kick alcohol she held onto another more powerful addiction – bulimia. Tracy talks a lot about the need for outlets to relieve the pressure she was feeling in her life. Like any good hero story, we need to find and hit a rock bottom. Tracy finally painfully bottomed-out and entered a gritty and honest period of recovery where she came to terms with her true self.


As she searched for a new financial outlet – because she needed to cut ties with all of her previous relationships to truly move forward – she discovered a product line that helped her feel great again physically. After resisting the idea of working for a network marketing company, she finally opened her mind to exploring Isagenix and was both encouraged and excited to give it a try. Today, Tracy is in their Elite 50 Millionaire’s Club as their #35 earner (of 600,000!). I’m not a network marketing person, I have not been drawn to that particular business strategy, but I truly respect and honor how Tracy has built her business and reformed herself along the way.


She is one of the most open, real, honest and available people you will come across. She lays it out there – good or bad. As she says, she’s a bottom-line-me kinda girl so she doesn’t suffer a lot of bull!


I know you’ll enjoy this one – toward the end we announce a giveaway that is posted on the Skirt Sports facebook page. Tracy asks you this, “If you could choose any breakthrough in your life to happen today, what would it be?” Answer this question to win her new book, available very soon “Grace, Grit, Guts: From effed up to Freedom.”


Today we talk about:

  • Drinking
  • Losing a parent
  • How trauma changes us
  • Relationships: with our parents, spouses, children and ourselves
  • Eating disorders
  • Getting help for real
  • If you can’t admit to bulimia, how can you truly get sober?
  • Getting rid of our masks and embracing who we truly are


You’ll be happy to know that I picked up Wilder in time! So this is quite the amazing and powerful episode. I love Tracy’s final nugget – sort of a summary of the entire episode: Tell your truth to serve the greater good. Even if you think your truth is scary or something you don’t want other people to know. Please just stand up in it. Be unapologetic about it. Continue to move forward taking action to make the best version of yourself. Someone else could be inspired by your story and because you went first and were so brave and courageous you’re giving them permission to do the same thing. You never know who you’re inspiring.”


Let me tell you, while Tracy and I talked for at least a 10k, we didn’t even hit on her more current life experience, something she is dealing with as we speak. You see Tracy has been suffering from an unexplained very serious health issue for 3 years, that was only recently diagnosed and treated. We talk about this on an Live Video Call which will be posted on the Skirt Sports and Nicole deboom social sites. So for more Tracy, be sure to check out this video, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or just google her and see what comes up!


Allright everyone, you know what time it is! It’s time to Run This World! Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week!