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Run This World Podcast – 80 – Jillian Lakritz You Have Everything Inside of You to Get Exactly What You Want in Life


Meet Jillian Lakritz – former corporate world consultant turned entrepreneur, founder of Yoee Baby, mom of two, idea-birther, and more. I met Jillian when our girls were magically attracted to each other in preschool. Our first play date was hilarious. I thought I would drop Wilder off and go for a long run, but I ended up talking to Jillian and her husband, Mike, for two hours and skipping the workout! Jillian is the founder of innovative baby toy company Yoee Baby. She literally created a new category in the baby toy market – baby’s first toy that actually allows parents to interact with their babies in a meaningful way. Jillian is in the weeds with her young business but somehow she still has the ability to see and discuss the bigger picture. She is an incredibly special person who will leave you feeling like you CAN do it, whatever it is.


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Today we talk about:

  • Relationships: Interesting discussion about the introvert / extrovert dynamic
  • What happens when Natural Curiosity and Wanderlust meet
  • Parenting: What we do truly has an impact on our children in the long term
  • Early childhood development: the science behind your early interactions with your baby – why it’s important!
  • Entrepreneurship: What do you do with an idea?
  • The power of the mind: You have everything inside of you right now to get exactly what you need in life.
  • Practice: Your mind is a powerful tool. Think it. Do it. Be it. Become it.


This is an amazing episode. Jillian is the perfect mix of wise, real and fun. That makes her one of the coolest people to hang out with – ever! It’s also why she will be successful no matter what happens in life. She has a perspective that grounds her. I think it’s something we could all aspire to – take a few of her nuggets and stash them away for the times you need them the most. It’s all in the power of your mindset. So let’s think it. Do it. Be it. And finally become it! We just need to define what IT is.


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All right then, you know what time it is. It’s time to get out there and Run This World. Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week.