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Run This World Podcast – 76 – Katarina Samardzija Says You Either Can or You Can’t – and You’re Right

When something is new in your life, it generally symbolizes a start. Think about any starting line – the emotions, expectations, uncertainty that come with it. Some people are made for the starting line. They thrive in this nervous energy, they bubble with excitement, they know that the finish line is out there, but they just love the first few steps. I’m not sure if people are born this way, if it’s genetically wired into them or if this ability to embrace and THRIVE in the starting line is a result of our upbringing. Either way, there are people in this world who were made to start things. People who were made to nurture and maintain. And people who were made to help finish and move along. Some magical people can do it all.


Meet the incredibly talented young entrepreneur, Katarina Samardzija. Kat is a 20-year-old junior in college who had an idea and decided to hit Start. Her business is called Locker Lifestyle – she is solving a problem that she and her friends encountered when they would go to the gym. All they really needed was a way to carry their essentials without lugging bulky bags or bringing purses that could be stolen. So she created what she calls the Wrist Locker to tote around her ID, keys and even a phone without ever leaving her arm.


When I was introduced to Kat, I knew immediately that she is a very special person who will not only find her own happiness and success, but I believe she will help many others find theirs too. I share something in common with her. We are both fantastic starters. When you create a business out of nothing, you enter the startup phase. It’s a phase full of intense clarity, the kind of energy that keeps you awake at night, not because you’re worried but because you are so excited. Your adrenals are pumping like crazy. Every small win feels like you won the Ironman. Everything you learn on a daily basis gives you a literal buzz. Until your brain and your body and your energy just can’t take in much more!


Kat Samardzija is a starter. You will hear it in her voice. You will feel it through the airwaves. But she is also incredibly mature, incredibly disciplined and incredibly smart. Much more mature and disciplined at 20 than I was when I started Skirt Sports at 32. I think we just may find that Kat is one of those rare magical beings who can start, nurture, and finish, all with grace, compassion and panache.

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Today we talk about:

  • Kat’s upbringing: Watching her mom work hard taught her the power of the “hustle”
  • How being an athlete formed the foundation for success as an entrepreneur
  • Millennial generation: Why they get a bad rap
  • Locker Lifestyle: How she started her business and where she wants to go
  • Discipline and other keys to success
  • The importance of connecting: Never stop making friends.


I’m sure you’re feeling the same emotion I am: Impressed. Who is this 20 year old future business phenom? Who is this woman who is clearly showing such beyond-her-years leadership ability? Don’t forget this name: Katarina Samardzija. She is going places! So much of this interview contains such valuable advice for any of us. My favorite, because remember I’m a starter AND a connector is her final nugget: Never stop making friends. And on that note, get over to the Skirt Sports Facebook page for the Dec 2 post about this episode for a chance to win a Head Locker headband that can store your necessities by Kat’s company, Locker Lifestyle. All you have to do is answer this question, “What is your greatest strength?”


All right everyone, let’s call it a day. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Please share it with friends and don’t forget to write a review on iTunes – it helps the show gain exposure and we all know we can use a little more inspiration in our lives. Okay then, you know what time it is. It’s time to get out and Run This World. Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week!