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Run This World Podcast 75 – Olympic Medalist Lorraine Moller Believes the Only Secret is that There is No Secret

Meet Lorraine Moller – Champion athlete, Olympic medalist, Boston Marathon winner, Coach, Wife, Mom and more. Lorraine grew up in New Zealand and struggled with various physical and emotional issues that affected her self-esteem at a young age. Fortunately she was blessed with a gift – the gift of running – a gift that she discovered when she was still a child. Lorraine pursued the sport of running, eventually becoming one of the best distance runners in the world. She won countless marathons including Boston in 1984, competed in four Olympic Games, winning a bronze medal in 1992 at age 37, and was generally a pioneering woman in sport in all ways. Through her journey, Lorraine ultimately made peace with the things that held her back both personally and athletically.


Lorraine is a bright, positive light in this world. It’s fun to interview people who have written tell-all memoirs because they have already found peace with all the tough things they’ve faced. The simple act of writing them down is very liberating. It also allows them to talk freely about things that can often be uncomfortable, like failed relationships, physical hardships and more.

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Today we talk about:

  • The symbolism and power of Lorraine’s guiding force – Mercury
  • Becoming a runner: Discovering her running talent and pursuing it to the top level
  • Childhood trauma that shaped who she is today
  • How we compensate when things are tough or uncomfortable
  • Coaching: the importance of surrounding yourself with the right coaching influence
  • Coaching today: Lorraine coaches coaches! She co-founded the Lydiard FoundationUpcoming events here for more info
  • Relationships and self-esteem: What are we actually seeking?
  • Chasing a dream & discovering what’s really most important on the other side
  • Having a baby at 45
  • The power of Believing in Yourself


Lorraine has about 50 copies of her book, so let’s make it our mission to sell them out! It’s called “On the Wings of Mercury” and I found it to be one of the most well-written athlete memoirs I’ve ever read. It’s so much more than a book about winning races. Head over to Amazon and nab one of the last copies. Lorraine said she’d sign it for you – just leave her a note.


I feel like I’ve known Lorraine my entire life, possibly because we run in the same circles or because she was at her peak when I was entering the world of endurance sports. Either way, I think she has that effect on people. When you have gone through incredible highs and lows in your life, you come out the other side with less judgment, more compassion and emanating self-love and confidence. As Lorraine says, Life is not meant to break us. Once we stop seeking the things to fill the gaps, we can get down to the most important part. Believing in Ourselves.


All right everyone! Please take a moment to share this episode with someone who needs to hear this message. If nothing else, it helps us feel less alone in this world, to know that other people have fought through the tough stuff and come out stronger! On that note, you know what time it is! It’s time to get out there and Run This World. Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week!