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Run This World Podcast – Robyn O’Brien on Cleaning Up Our Food



Welcome to the Run This World Podcast. I interview visionaries and Robyn_talkpeople who are making change in this world all in the framework of the amount of time it takes to run a 5k – the average is 36 minutes 38 seconds – so you can get a little inspiration while you’re out on the run. Click here or go to iTunes or Stitcher to subscribe to my podcast.


Meet Robyn O’Brien – unintentional food activist. Over a decade ago, she watched her youngest child go through a severe food allergy and was suddenly thrust into the world of food allergy education. Her finance background set her up to be a natural fit in this world as she was able to both translate the data in this very confusing industry and relate it to everyday moms just like her. Check out her Tedx talk – it has over 1 million views – she is definitely making waves!


We sat in my Boulder recording studio and connected on so many amazing topics including:


  • Robyn-OBrien-Quote-ImageWhat happens when your kid has a food allergy outbreak
  • What you can do to clean up your kitchen
  • Two important muscles: Fear versus Courage
  • GMO’s and Hormones in our food
  • What the mainstream grocery industry is doing to get in the clean food game



Robyn is graciously giving away a few copies of her best selling book “The Unhealthy Truth” – all you have to do is comment here! Tell us why you want the book. Easy peasy!


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