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Run This World Podcast – Pam Burrus on The Power of Connecting



Welcome to an awesome episode of Run This World. Click here or go to iTunes or Stitcher and tune in during your next workout!


Meet Pam Burrus, a non-stop whirlwind & founder of Moms Run This Town / She Runs This Town. I met Pam a couple years ago in a coffee shop in Chicago and we immediately hit it off. Let’s just say we didn’t need coffee to summon any energy! Pam is all about helping women find their happy place. Here’s a snippet of what we talk about today. Be prepared – this one is a long run!


  • The “Creative Thinking Gene”
  • Genesis of MRTT
  • Why calling yourself slow is a no-no
  • Importance of building a team
  • The “Real Body Mannequin Project” Dream



If you want to get involved with Moms Run this Town / She Runs This Town, go to their website and search for your local chapter. Membership is FREE! We all love free! Also – if you are inspired by the idea of the Real Mannequin Project, comment below and we’ll pass it along to Pam. Be sure to subscribe to Run This World to learn more about visionaries who are making change in this world.