What is #REALwomenmove?

“We are surrounded by messages of intimidation and exclusiveness in the world of fitness. My #REALwomenmove goal is to stop the madness and show women that being fit is something we can all do, regardless of our size, shape, age or activity level.”

-Skirt Sports Founder & CEO, Nicole DeBoom

“Real is the new perfect, and it’s all about embracing fitness, health and the reality of who we are. #REALwomenmove is redefining what it means to be a strong, fit woman.”

-Skirt Sports Ambassador, Author, Speaker, Prolific Running & Fitness Coach, Jenny Hadfield

rwm_photos_01Who is a REAL woman?

She is proud of who she is. She is confident. She does not judge, but rather, encourages other women. She is comfortable in her own body. She accepts and loves herself as she is. She prioritizes health and fitness in her busy life.

We’re spreading the word with a simple hashtag – #REALwomenmove

We’re on a mission to empower unmotivated or intimidated women and girls. Let’s show them that they can still make health and fitness a priority despite the daily obstacles that are thrown our way. It’s this simple…

Post your active photos and videos by tagging #REALwomenmove and #SkirtSports. Share them with your community and help lift up other REAL women by sharing their posts and encouraging them along the way.



So hashtag away and help us help other women by keeping it REAL!