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#REALwomenmove: Change is in the air!

Sometimes you’re just cooking along in life, then, when you least expect it things start going haywire. That’s what happened to me this past year. I had been on a roll of a joyous race filled year with no serious injuries and had been taking TRX classes while training for several half marathons when, wouldn’t you know it, I felt some lower back pain. It was just a tiny annoyance at first but then I started developing more issues and after a month or more of aches, pains, and very little running I finally went to a PT and found out exactly what the problem was. She gave me specific daily exercises to help alleviate future pelvis/hip issues which I am faithfully doing morning and night so that I can get back to what I truly love doing – running.
One of the lessons learned for me was, first of all, to not put off going for a diagnosis. We sometimes neglect taking care of ourselves by not getting to the root of our problems (for whatever the reasons). Another lesson has been learning to appreciate the time it takes an older body to heal from injury which has been a bit on the frustrating side. Patience, not being one of my long suits, has been the big lesson learned here.
Having had the time to re-group has been marvelous, though, once I came to the realization that I had the power to turn a negative into a positive. Coming back to running is exciting as I start a new year with a fresh attitude and willingness to make the time it will take to be the best I can be. This will include more cross training and fun, conscious running and less push, push, push! I’ve already started by taking my first Hot Yoga class which, much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed! My Rec Center catalog of classes and descriptions is a fun read for me now as I pick new classes to check out. Sometimes a change is all we need whether it be a change of scene, a change of mind, or simply a change in the way we look at things. This is definitely the year to shake things up, so come on and make some “ch-ch-changes” with me!!