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The Developer

Pinkbetsy as the Developer….8 years ago I began a journey. A journey so amazing that I do not ever want it to end. My journey started with finding running- and bits of myself.

This is nothing new- this running- or crazy, but to me it was both. I found that I loved to see how hard I could push myself, partly due to my stubborn nature, partly due to my need for a major life change. I wanted to make changes, and I did. What started as a timed lap around a track, a quarter of a mile (that turned into two laps as I couldn’t get my nike+ to sync….long story, tears, some cussing- ok- LOTS of cussing, the feeling I was going to die and my feelings of accomplishment- all over a half a mile!) has turned into 9582 miles, 131 chip timed races, and mentoring 7 training groups. From the 5k to the Full Marathon and now to my first trail race.

I had a great support group, online, a bunch of smart ass Nike+ runners who were always there cheering for me, while kicking my ass in challenges, or having me hand them their asses when I was the victor. Sadly those Nike+ challenges have gone by the wayside, we have all switched devices and share our running on Facebook or wherever. Now I have a whole community of runners, in real life, not only online! This is where I started to find my niche, the mentoring. It is wired inside me to seek out ways to show folks what THEY are capable of. Mentoring for me is my outlet, I get to cheer, encourage and give those gentle (or not so gentle) nudges when needed. (knees up, bitches!) But wait, I am a DEVELOPER, right? So is this what I do? Somewhat. I also need to stay motivated myself! Right? Absolutely!

With all this running, there have been some injuries. I have been sidelined from time to time. I am gaining new YOGA skills! Along with my strength training in order to keep myself strong and running happy. In order to be effective I have learned to take care of ME.

The best feeling is to see someone who has been struggling, then encourage them to set a goal, then have them meet or beat that goal. Seriously- the best – UNTIL you hear the words “It was because of you that I didn’t give up, that I kept coming back, entered that race or simply just kept running” that shit is music to my ears. The Developer….where training never stops and better versions of ones self rises, where you realize you CAN do stuff!! Oh the places you will go, the people you will meet, the races you will run! It is a never ending journey!