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My First Skirt: Joy G.

My Skirt Sports Ambassador “assignment” is to write about my first Skirt! It was a very memorable item of clothing to me, and totally changed my running fashion game! I was pretty sad and unfashionable before, as evidenced in this photo
from March 2007.


Just terrible, right? And then, one day, I was signing up for the Colfax Half Marathon. I see this great offer to get a Skirt for half price!! I am all about a deal, so I had to have it! Instantly, I was a little more fashionable!  It was all Skirt love from then on❤️

Later that year the first race, the Convert To Skirt came to Boulder. I got another Skirt with that entry and had a great time running with some friends. Living so close to Skirt Sports was awesome! My friends and I had the chance to go to the warehouse sales!

I once even played sick to leave work early to go shop! A few years ago, when I got to apply to be an ambassador for the company I love, I had to do it! I was beyond excited to be chosen as one of the first group of ambassadors!


Now, I’ve barely got room for all my Skirt stuff.

That’s far from all of it, but I have a job and no time to run all over taking pictures of it all. Who knew one simple item would change my life! I’ve made friends along the way because of Skirt! We get so many compliments at races on our great outfits!


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