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My First Skirt: Jennifer T.

If you read our blog often, you know Siobhan (my blogging partner) and I are Skirt Sports Ambassador Captains.  If you know us personally, I bet you would never suspect either of us would run in a skirt.   And yes, at first I used to think it was too girly, and didn’t see the point. Then I tried one…

First, let me give you a background to some of my issues with running apparel and accessories:

I love listening to podcasts. I used to have to take the time to hook up my iPod each night before a run to download the latest podcasts. If I forgot, I would listen to the same playlists I had saved, over and over. I don’t like running with something around my arm, so carrying a phone was out of the question, unless I could try and squeeze it in the pocket on my hydration belt, which wasn’t easy and often got it wet. For runDisney races, where I like to take pictures with my phone, I would wear a running “fanny pack” (not naming brand), that was small and waterproof, with my phone or camera inside. That would bounce and involve zipping and unzipping for each pic. All of which was a total pain!

I also love Gu. For marathons I used to wear this one pair of shorts that had side pockets. I could fit 2 Gu’s in each pocket. However, it made the shorts sag, hit against my legs funny, and made me look like a balloon. So once I tried a belt with pockets (again, no brand naming), and had to stop for a porta-potty in the first miles of a marathon. I didn’t realize until later, but 2 Gu’s had fallen on that pit stop and I was left short. So frustrating!

Capris are often too hot for most races (and most of the year in SC). Shorts often ride up or chaff and I wasn’t comfortable wearing skin tight shorties. So what’s a podcast loving, Gu eating, long distance running girl to do?


Convert to Skirt! I was complaining about my issues while waiting in a runDisney corral when someone mentioned Skirt Sports. I wish I had that runners name to thank her! So I went out and got my first skirt. With Skirt Sports skirts I get the luxury of shorties that don’t ride up or cause chaffing, while being covered. There are two pockets on the sides of the shorties. For training runs, or races I want to take pics, I’ll put my phone in one of the pockets. It’s easy to get my phone in and out and makes it possible for me to log Charity Miles and download podcasts on the fly (Like Nicole DeBoom’s new RUN THIS WORLD podcast)! The other pocket I use for Gu or keys, etc. No more belts!

As you may have noticed, I didn’t mention that I look cuter in a skirt, or feel more feminine, etc. Those aren’t important to me. It’s all about comfort and convenience. But it is a nice bonus that I look good ;)!

JenTMFS2One of my first and favorite styles is the Race Magnet Skirt, which is on sale now (however, I’ve never used the magnets). I love that it’s a straight cut and am hoping they make more of this cut and length in future lines. I also really like the Lioness and Jette because they all are a little shorter and have grippies on the inside of the shorties. The most popular skirt is the Gym Girl Ultra.

My point in sharing all this is really to only give you a reason to try running in a skirt. If you share any of my mentioned frustrations it’s worth a try.  And btw, Skirt Sports are American made and designed by women, for real women’s bodies (last plug).

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