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My First Skirt: Gisgie G.

This chica is what one would have called a “tomboy” growing up. At least for a Puerto Rican.
So the idea of running in a skirt was laughable … until it wasn’t. My running friend and Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain Brandess Wallace had been singing the praises of the Skirt Sports gear. And she, unlike me, always looks put together when I see her out on the trails.

I’m talking so put together that she could go have just come from running errands, not running a 20-miler. I, on the other hand, look like I’ve run an ultramarathon over a three-day weekend, even when all I’ve run is three miles.

And, she promised, the shorts under these skirts don’t shift around. OK, this I’ve got to see. So I finally ordered my very first Skirt Sports Happy Girl skirt in, what else?, black.

I took it for my first run on a blue-sky day with a few fluffy white clouds and a strong wind. The temperature hovered around 50 degrees by the time I got out to the Michigan State University campus.

The skirt and the 7-inch built-in semi-compression shorties (think running tights) felt snug but not tight. The skirt fabric flowed and moved easily; I thought I might find it annoying as it moved, but I didn’t even notice it there.

Bonus: You can go commando because of the way the shorties are structured. Translation: No wedgie! Ta-da! Plus, the skirt covers you enough that wearing the Happy Girl feels modest, but not, well, old.

I liked the length of the shorties, too, because they help avoid thigh-chafing issues, even in the much-longer and much-hotter summer runs.
Huge love, too, for two generously sized pockets built into the shorties, plus a zippered pocket in the back that could easily fit keys and a driver’s license. I like to bring a lot of highly necessary things like an external charger for my iPhone, which inevitably dies on me leaving me Marc Anthony-less.

My previous running skirt experience was quite the dud, which might explain why it took me so long to trust Brandess on this one. Sorry, my friend. I won’t doubt you again!
See my smile? I like it, I really like it!

So, will you convert to skirt?

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