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My First Skirt: Deb M.

Wearing running shorts when I first started the sport 6 years ago made me feel AND look like such a frump. Then someone suggested I try a skirt from Skirt Sports to run in. Really? A skirt? I was very skeptical about that idea but so despised those darn shorts that I was willing to try anything. The shorts, not only, made me look heavier but also crawled up the inside of my legs with every step I took. I was desperate!

Well, well…the minute I put that skirt on, I felt better. It was unbelievably comfortable and when I looked in the mirror it was “Frump No More”. I actually felt and looked good!

So the proof came when I took it out for a test run.

Wow! I immediately felt more confident about running mainly because my attention was on my form and not on wondering if I looked as bad as I felt in my clothes. I also wasn’t having to constantly readjust any part of the skirt either!

That first choice of skirt was the Happy Girl and, believe you me, it most definitely made me one! To this day I wear nothing but Skirt Sports to do my running, TRX, and gym classes in. I also have just about cleared my closet of real clothes as I am fortunate enough to be able to wear my Skirt Sports to work. Score!!
The biggest problem I have now is controlling my skirt addiction. So much skirt, so little closet space.


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