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My First Skirt: Amy G.


Honestly, I’ve never been one to really think twice about my workout gear. I grabbed whatever was the closest (and usually the brightest – especially since I tend to run early am) and went about my way. But since I’ve started lifting weights more along with cross-training and yoga, I am spending more time at the gym. I found myself either looking for shorts to cover my leggings or shirts long enough to cover my rear.


IMG_2922From the moment I tried on my first Skirt Sports skirt, I was in love. I kid you not. I’ve never been a fan of running skirts. For me, they either rode up, pinched my thigh chub, or just felt really uncomfortable. But when I tried the Heartbreaker Skirt (for those of you who may not know what that is – it’s a skirt over leggings), I instantly fell in love.


I loved the way it fit. I loved how it covered my rear. I loved the pockets. (I’ll get to that in a moment). I realize it’s just a piece of clothing, but I was blown away at the confidence that I felt while wearing it. I’m still gaining my confidence when it comes to lifting weights. It can be a very intimidating place.  (Apparently wearing baggy t-shirts and shorts over leggings wasn’t helping my self confidence level.)


But now, I step into the free weights section with confidence knowing that everything is ‘covered’, IMG_2923and stylish, cute and functional. At first, I didn’t think much about the pockets. But, they have become invaluable. 99% of the time I have my phone with me when I exercise. In the past, I would wind up just carrying it around. Now, I can slip it into the pockets where I have easy access, but it also stays put and out of my way.


Since I loved the Heartbreaker Skirt so much, I decided to try a skirt with the shorties instead of the leggings. They didn’t disappoint. I could tell from the moment I tried them on that I had found something that I loved. I am now the owner of a several peek-a-boo, gym girl ultra, happy girl, TRIKS, and my list is growing. Oh, and that’s in addition to the awesome tops. I rarely wear baggy t-shirts to the gym anymore.


I found that seeing myself repeatedly in the gym mirror dressed in cute functional Skirt Sports gear often gave me the confidence to complete my workout, and even try new exercises and machines that I’d never tried before.  I never thought that I’d say that a piece of clothing would change my life, but as cheesy as it may sound, Skirts Sports has brought out the confidence in me that I honestly never thought that I had.


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