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Let’s make a statement

On September 12, 2004, I made a big statement. I won an Ironman — wearing a SKIRT! I heard it all, “What was that thing?” “I don’t know if I love it or hate it, but I have to have it,” “Are you on a tennis team?” In the end, it was all good buzz. I had started something new, something many people called a trend. Good thing for Skirt Sports, it wasn’t a trend. Running in a skirt is here to stay!


Runners have always felt the need to make a statement when they race. Twenty years ago, a friend of mine, Scott B, started a company that made running shorts with contrast panels. He went camping one weekend, and after washing his running shorts in the river, he put them on a rock to dry. One side got totally burned by the sun, so he asked his mom to fix it. She had some American flag parachute material so she sewed it onto the panel. On his first run it was obvious – everyone wanted those shorts! So he started a business and sold hundreds of shorts at expos around the country until the bigger brands figured it out, took his market share and he moved on.


But the concept is clear, runners are generally early adopters. They are always seeking ways to improve. Sometimes through technology, and sometimes through the simple concept that when you look good, you feel good and you’ll perform better. In my opinion, the look good part is synonymous with wearing great-fitting, comfortable clothes that you don’t have tough or fidget with while you’re working out.


Twelve years ago, you made a statement if you ran in a skirt like that crazy chick who won the Wisconsin Ironman. A few years later, other companies figured it out and the skirt category went mainstream. Tons of Skirt Concept companies cropped up, creating all sorts of options for women. Our job now is to listen and continue to innovate. Skirt Sports can’t be afraid to try new things – and we’re not. Just check out our soon-to-arrive Gotta Go Skirts!


Today we are introducing what I call our latest Statement piece – the Cascade Skirt. It has all the things you expect from Skirt – comfy waistband, full coverage built-in shorties, pockets on the legs and Sonic Music Port. The statement part: Two cascading uber-lightweight jacquard mesh ruffles. Not too girly or gaudy. Just right. In fact, we originally designed three ruffles but after the first prototype looked like Little Bo Peep, we redesigned so women of all shapes and sizes will be happy.


So grab a Cascade and make a statement at your next race – or barbeque – or the beach – or a night out in Miami – or just hanging around the house. Sometimes a little ruffle goes a long way!