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Lace Up! Easy Ways to Find Time to Run

“You can do anything, but not everything” ~ have you ever heard this quote?  It has become my mantra…well, since my husband reminded me that we couldn’t fit Colfax Half Marathon into our schedule because we were getting ready to leave for Disney World just a few days later and there was too much to do before our magical vacation!

So, yes, you can do anything but not everything…it’s true…as much as we keep adding commitments to our already busy schedules because we’re afraid we might miss out on something cool.  Am I the only one who does that?

Over the last year it has become increasingly difficult to find “me time” and “long run time” and “race day time”.  I have committed my time to my daughter who is a competitive show jumper and this mom can’t miss a show.  After all, every rider needs a groom, stylist, assistant, banker, pooper scooper, and cheerleader (otherwise known as Horse Show Mom) and it is my pleasure to share that with her however, I am ready to make time to lace up, set a goal and start training!

Find Time to Get Started
Not only do the horse shows keep me busy, my youngest daughter is starting cross country and school is going to be in full swing next week so finding time to run isn’t going to be easy buuuuuut, it is going to happen…here’s how.

Make a Plan
I have a workout planner and day planner that help me schedule my life and stick to my goals.  Don’t just plan out your day, plan your week or month ahead of time so that you are reminded of what important events are coming up and be sure to pencil in time for your run.

Think About the Long Run
Fitting in your long run is definitely easier when you plan for it (thus, the planner!) but it’s also important to think ahead and mentally prepare yourself for your distance.  Remember,  you should up your long run milage every other week.

Run With Pals!
Running with friends is a great way to stick with your routine, plus it’s way more fun than running alone!  Instead of happy hour, hit the road with some friends, family or a jogging stroller and your babies and build relationships while training for your next race.  I am strategically coaching a girls’ running club at my school this year and can’t wait to get in a few extra miles with my students.

Rinse and Shine!
Plan your speed workout early in the morning.  You will probably have less time so you’ll have to run harder and I find this the perfect opportunity to do some sprints.  Pick the treadmill or a nearby track and have a hard workout in half the time then you can hit the showers and get to work.

Run at Work
Not everyone gets to coach a girls’ running club, so you’ll have to find time to run during the day.  Hit the road at lunch and pack some wet wipes in your gym bag to keep you feeling fresh after your run.  Don’t forget, always keep your running shoes and gym clothes in your car for a quick workout!

Find a Balance
Keep your long workouts for your days away from work, this will keep you from feeling overwhelmed.  I find that cross training with a group fitness class or kickboxing with my coach helps me to stay motivated and keeps me healthy and strong for those long runs.  It’s important to add a cross training workout into your routine to keep things fun and fresh.

11850052_825023527615015_2102216033_nAs we continue our quest to find the time do anything and everything it’s important to keep our true goals in mind and ask ourselves, what really makes us happy.  Shoot for one goal at a time and keep a balanced perspective…and, most of all, have fun!

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