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Jenna the Intern – We Give her an A+


When I was young, I remember two things bringing me tremendous joy: dancing and fashion. It was when I would twirl around my room, swept into audacious rhythms and beats that I felt truly free. The sensation of pairing different colors and fabrics together gave me a similar sense of elation. Both activities gave me the space to express myself, to feel heard. These activities taught me to feel comfortable in my skin.

I think if “young me” could see me now and the work I am lucky enough to be involved in at Skirt Sports, she would be very jealous.

Coming into work every day is a dream because of who Skirts Sports is and what we stand for as a company. Working for a clothing company that celebrates the irrefutable power of feeling strong and confident is a gift I feel blessed to have been given. Beyond that, I am constantly inspired by you, our customers, and the sense of exuberance and vitality you bring to this brand.

Thank you for letting me be a small part of your world, it is truly a joy.


Jenna the Intern