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Gotta Go on the Go

There’s not a lot I don’t like about running in my Skirt Sport Skirts. They are comfortable, the shorts don’t ride up, they have plenty of room for my cell phone and some extras… But gosh… on a long run or race when I have to … well…. you know how it goes… “Can I hold it? How much farther to a porta potty? Shucks… I have to go .. right… now.”

So… last year when Skirt Sports did the Kickstarter on the Gotta Go skirt … I was ALL IN.  My husband thought I was crazy and truthfully so did my running buddies… who, by the way…can have the same problems.  We kid about it constantly.  WELL… when the skirt finally came out in time for my longest runs… I figured I would try it… forget the teasing… I could handle it.

I have been known to duck behind a large tree or even in the brush… but you still worry someone will see you or you will embarrass yourself.  This skirt worked AMAZINGLY.  It was so well made.  It was a bit tighter than my GGU, but it had a zip pocket in the back and I found the fit was fine.  I ran with it through my longest runs of 19, 21, 24 and the marathon.  A few of those runs were HOT, HOT, HOT and the velcro held perfectly.  A quick into the porta pot …in and out … no pulling the skirt down and trying to get it back up.  It worked fantastically.

Twice I had to ummmm… well.. we run on a trail a lot… but it was OK because I didn’t have to take anything completely down.  The fit for me worked well and I never got any chaffing.  I can’t wait to see the newer GGU fabric in the skirt because that will make it perfect!!

Don’t let anyone tease you about this skirt… It’s worth every penny and silly remark.  Two of my friends have bought one this year and the rest are just jealous.  Bring on the Gotta Go2!