Giving Back

Running Start Group
We are proud to support Running Start, a non-profit organization with a mission to provide Beginner runners the confidence, courage and community support they need to change their lives through running.

Running Start is a women’s Beginner-Mentor running program. Beginner runners are selected based upon their barriers to fitness and running ranging from health problems, family obligations, addictions, financial distress, weight concerns and more. Personal Motivators (Mentors) are passionate about giving back to the running community. These are not necessarily fast or elite runners, but women who have found confidence, strength and courage through running and want to give back.


Each Beginner is partnered with a Personal Motivator to help guide and motivate her through the twelve-week training process, crafted by former professional triathlete & coach, Nicole DeBoom. This relationship is the key to success! We all know that when we are accountable to someone who truly cares about our success, we are more likely to reach our goals.

Skirt Sports provides the Beginners their first racing outfits because we understand that when women feel good in clothing that fits their bodies, they are happier, more confident and therefore, more likely to succeed!

Click here for more info or to donate to Running Start.