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Happy last month of 2017, y’all! How many races have you run his year? How many new PRs have you set? I’m sure many of you have crossed off items on your list of goals you made at the beginning of the year… congratulations! As for me, my only goals for 2017 were to stay active and have fun doing it. Well, my goals may not have started off that simple, but I had to modify them throughout the year. After years of trying to attain certain fitness goals such as losing XX amount of weight, or running XX race with a specific goal pace, or hitting a XX PR on my deadlift/back squat/etc, I decided that maybe I needed a little break and just go with the flow of life.

“(gasp!) How can you not have any goals, Jacy?” you may ask. To be honest, I just wanted to have fun this year without the stress of training for something. I know there are people who seem to be in a constant state of training, or just need to be working towards a personal goal. To others, it may seem as if I am unmotivated, but it actually feels liberating!

Now, it’s not like I haven’t been active. I have been hitting the gym and running all year long. I have been consistent for the most part. I’ve also been crewing friends and volunteering at races and other events to stay connected and active with the local running community. I’ve signed up for races without a time goal. I would have never done that in the past! I always tried to race every race I signed up for and had the mindset of “I’m not going to waste my money on a race that I’m not really running”. This year I threw all that out the window and signed up for races because I wanted to do them and because they sounded fun. This year I’ve done 5k races in various costumes, I did a 5k Donut Run (where you had to eat 6 large donuts after running 1.5 miles and then run back – I finished dead last, BTW), I did a 6 hour ultra, a 10x5k ultra, and even participated in my first CrossFit Open with my gym this year! I also managed to hit a few PRs in the gym. It’s been an exceptionally fun 2017! No regrets!

Maybe an entire year of having no specific goal is not for you, but I do encourage you to always have fun in whatever you do. Try new things, be a volunteer for a race. Try seeing things from the other side of the race course. Help pace a friend to reach her goal in a race. Free yourself from the pressures of training and have fun! Life is short, enjoy the ride! Happy holidays, everyone and cheers to a fabulous and FUN 2018!

<3 Jacy

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