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Engine 2 Challenge Wk 1 No Dairy No Processed Foods

Before I dive into the week, I am totally putting myself out there and sharing the results of my blood work. If I can stay true to the program, there are some items that should decrease, namely my cholesterol. So here it is in all its glory prior to starting the E2 Challenge. Fortunately all of my stats fall into the normal range, but I don’t want to be normal/average/ordinary. I want to be amazing, off the charts as healthy as I can be.

Test                Result    Normal range
Cholesterol        185        140-200
Triglycerides      79           35-135
HDL                  73           40-95
LDL                   97          70-100
Fasting glucose  95         70-100

E2 Challenge Week 1: Eliminate all dairy and processed foods. This was a big week. But it’s been a really fun week too as I explored all sorts of new recipes and some spices I have never tried before. What I love about the challenge is that it’s forcing me to be organized with my eating. On the weekend, I plan and prep. I carved out a few hours on Sunday to shop and cook. I haven’t done that in years.

Week 1 recipes:
Sweet Holy Deliciousness Soup: Sweet Holy is right! I used a new spice in this one Ð Garam Masala. Tim loved it too. Page 41 of the downloadable E2 Challenge Guide.

Handstand Burgers: So easy, no machinery needed. Very tasty and versatile. Plus it made 8 patties. Page 45 of the downloadable E2 Challenge Guide.

Jen’s Fabulously Fudgy Brownies: This is a recipe from my vegan friend, Jeanette K, who introduced me to the concept of accidentally vegan. These are no accident  I’ve never used tofu in a dessert and they are really yummy. This is the first (and only) time Wilder has eaten tofu. Cuz I snuck it into a chocolate treat!