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Keep Moving Forward

This year has not been an easy one. I have been dealing with a nagging hip injury since January. Last year I had a freak incident with a large dog running into me. Yes, you read that correctly. It left me with a chipped fibula, a bad puncture wound that took more than six weeks to heal, and just feeling very off in my hip region. I felt physically twisted. Fast forward to 2017, and my hip area screamed that it had had enough.

My first physical therapy session brought a lot of relief as I felt my body literally move back into place. Unfortunately, the damage was done. Months of overcompensation left me, to put it mildly, one hot mess. It was often one step forward two steps back in terms of recovery.  This is where determination pushed me to keep moving forward. Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t do, I began to focus on what I could do. Yes it was trial and error as the physical therapist and I worked out a plan of action for my injury, but it was determination that propelled me not to give up.

Stretching and Yoga became crucial.

I found ways other than running to move my body like TRX and biking.

I discovered that walking was a great way to exercise, and I enjoyed the relaxation that it also brought me.

I found that rest wasn’t the ugly four-letter word that I had always thought it to be. My body needed rest. In fact, my body required more rest than what other people required. This one was difficult for me. But I was DETERMINED to do what was best for me, which meant honoring my body.

Finally, I was back to running. It was intervals. It wasn’t fast, but I was moving. Finally, for three weeks I was back to consistently running.

And then, as I was out on the trail I took a step and felt a sharp pain. Several x-rays later, I found myself in the boot for 4 weeks. I was told a possible stress fracture. Determined to stay active, I did chair cardio. I did what I could in the boot. Yes, I even did TRX. Determination was my drive. However, the pain didn’t really decrease. I’d had a stress fracture before, and honestly it didn’t hurt like this.

Further x-rays showed that my foot possibly still had a stress fracture, but a bone scan or MRI would be required. But what it did show was arthritis – lots and lot of arthritis. The doctor looked me in the eye, said he was sorry, and that he wished it would have shown a fracture because that would heal. Arthritis wouldn’t. I admit the wind was knocked out of me a little. Was this a running death sentence? What did all of this mean? Would I forever be in pain?

I left the doctor’s office with determination. Determined not to give up. Determined to find my new normal. Determined to write a new chapter. Trust me when I saw that this chapter includes giving my body what it needs both physically and nutritionally. Yes it includes running and physical activity. And as always, Skirt Sports will be along for the ride.

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