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Convert to Skirt

I launched Skirt Sports in 2004 because I was tired of the options available at the time for women runners. You could either wear running shorts that rode up, bunched in all the wrong places or chafed like crazy. You spent the better part of your run pulling the shorts out of the crotch area and managing the granny panty sagging between your cheeks. The other option was semi-flimsy spandex shorts that always hit in the wrong spot on your thighs and were generally see-through. They were also tight enough to show every lump and bubble in places that we just didn’t want people to look!

I wondered if I could combine the two options to create the ultimate in women’s active style. Something that could solve the problems of shorts altogether. Thus the skirt was born and we swore off shorts for life! In our original Convert to Skirt campaign, we asked women to “rid their drawers” of their old shorts – the ones that rode up and created so much angst for thighs across the country. I was hoping that a handful of women would actually pay to send them to us. Guess what? We got enough shorts to circle the local track – TWICE! Women understood our mission and celebrated the liberation!

This was the fantastic and groundbreaking origin of Skirt Sports, but there’s one thing I learned along the way – NEVER SAY NEVER!

All along, there was a camp of women who loved our mission to help women find happiness through the transformative power of health and fitness, but they just didn’t love the skirt. They asked us to create shorts that solved the problems we originally faced. So we took it to heart and tried! In 2013 we introduced SHORTS – yes that’s right – the original SKIRT company finally made SHORTS that actually worked!

So yes, we make shorts too. And they kickass just like you! We believe in the power of choice and we want you to be happy no matter what style you are most comfortable wearing.