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We’re Bringing Back Tri!


I started Skirt Sports in 2004 by crossing the finish line of the 2004 Ironman Wisconsin – FIRST! Not only was this my first Ironman win, it was the culmination of an idea that had consumed me for a year – that women could be comfortable, badass AND cute! I created the first ever running skirt (it looked a little more like a loincloth but that’s beside the point!), and the minute I snapped it on for the run portion of that Ironman race, everything changed.


Anyone who has worn Skirt Sports knows this feeling. It can only be described as liberating. The physical feeling of thigh freedom is almost too good to be true. But then it transcends your legs. Turn the Skirt switch and suddenly – confidence, joy, positivity. The Skirt truly is magic.


We’ve been serving up Skirt running magic for twelve years and along the way, we experimented with many sports including triathlon, cycling, swimming, golf, and more. Business is sort of like an Ironman. You need to constantly adapt to the course and conditions, trying new things and moving on when the trends change.


When I turned 45 in February, I announced my goal to get back to my roots and do a triathlon. Not only am I doing a triathlon (the Boulder Peak Triathlon on July 9 that is!), I am actually TRAINING for something again (it’s been about a decade!). Since I can’t do anything by myself, I invited our entire community to join me in setting a goal this year and going after it.


Cue the tri collection! Of course I need something to wear that both represents Skirt Sports and upholds my original standards of comfort, badassedness, and CUTE factor! I am incredibly impressed by what my friend and pro triathlete Chris McDonald has built with his BSG (Big Sexy Gear) Apparel. They make custom triathlon and cycling products for people of all shapes and sizes with a range of goals and needs. Last year I connected with inspirational Iranian triathlete, Shiz Gerami, as she searched for a company to make her a hijab dress that would uphold Iran’s requirements so she could compete for her country. Chris jumped right in and built a beautiful, high-performance tri kit that upheld Iran’s competition standards. And Shiz went on to finish the Hawaii Ironman in it!


I met with Chris and his inspirational wife Erika to discuss Skirt Sports tri needs. We designed a collection that includes custom features that our community has come to know, love and demand! The new triathlon collection includes a Trisuit with a 5” or 8” inseam, Tri Shorts with a 5” or 8” inseam and a Tri Top without a bra so women of all cup sizes can wear it. Special features include additional pockets on the legs which have become a Skirt Sports staple among all styles, multiple inseam length options, a women’s specific chamois and forgiving leg grippers that don’t squeeze too hard. Plus the actual design is awesome! Super strong, super flattering, super kickass. If nothing else, you will look good out there!


Skirt Sports triathlon collection is available here for preorder only. Preorders close on March 31 and will be delivered May 15th – just in time for triathlon season! To join the #REALwomenmove Challenge and receive free training plans by Nicole and her 2-time Hawaii Ironman World Champion husband Tim, exercise videos, expert guest appearances, partner and race deals, and a supportive community of other women, go here now.