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My BRF: The Kelly Bra

I always joke with my running buddies that the hardest part of my runs is putting on and taking off my sports bra. I absolutely hate traditional sports bras. They are hard to get on and take off.  They are uncomfortable to wear especially during a long run or bike ride.  If they have wires for support they poke into my skin. They typically don’t provide enough support and I am sore after my workout. They cause chafing and the straps dig into my skin.  If they have clasps and hooks there are only 3 sizing options and 2 hooks not providing the best fit and minimal support. The straps either don’t adjust or are limited causing the straps to shift during workouts.  I would feel like I was paying more attention to my bra, shifting and adjusting during my workout than the actual workout….well, that was until I was introduced to my new BRF (Best Running Friend) Kelly.

The Kelly bra has completely changed my runs.  No longer do I have to worry about my straps slipping due to its adjustable velcro straps. No longer do I have to deal with chafing due to the semi-compression and 4 columns of 3 sets of hooks and eyes that help me achieve a perfectly secure fit. The bra is super supportive and the band is thick enough to minimize the dreaded back fat.  No longer do I have to worry about covering my chest area post-run because the material is thick enough to prevent a “headlights’ situation.

I can’t count the number of times, out of habit, I stopped mid-run to check my bra.  No longer do I feel soreness in my chest after a run due to the support the cups provide and the fact that they separate and lift my chest.  Another feature I love about the bra is that the straps are removable and there are a variety of Bra Bling styles and colors to choose from to match my Skirt Sports bottoms. This bra is so comfortable, that I find myself wearing it even when I am not working out.  My new BRF may have convinced me to participate in the Sports Bra Challenge…just maybe 😉

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