Authorized Retailers

Skirt Sports products purchased online at, at our retail store in Boulder, or from an Authorized Retailer are genuine, factory-new and carry the Skirt Sports limited warranty.  Make sure you are buying a genuine Skirt Sports product.  Skirt Sports only sells its products through Authorized Retailers.  In order to ensure you receive the highest quality care and service, do not purchase Skirt Sports products from an unauthorized seller.  Items purchased from unauthorized resellers do not qualify for warranty and customer service fulfilled by Skirt Sports as it is uncertain if these goods are genuine.  These sellers are not authorized to sell our products.  We must enforce this in order to protect our customers and Authorized Dealers, ensure the quality of our products, and protect our brand image.

Why is this important?
When you purchase from an Authorized Retailer, you are purchasing from one of our retail partners — which means you will get the quality, service, and post-purchase support that you expect with a Skirt Sports product. When you purchase from our website, you know you are getting product from a trusted source – direct from the manufacturer.

Skirt Sports can only honor warranty requests if the product is purchased either directly from Skirt Sports or from one of our Authorized Dealers.

Buying from unauthorized dealers can be risky. Some 3rd party sellers on Amazon, retailers, websites, and online auctions who are not authorized dealers may sell Skirt Sports products that are used, refurbished, counterfeit, stolen, defective or have defaced, missing or altered serial numbers and/or product labels.  These products carry no warranty from Skirt Sports.  Only Authorized Dealers can uphold the Skirt Sports quality, offer replacements, and provide customer service.

Protect yourself by purchasing from an Authorized Retailer. If you are not sure if someone is an Authorized Retailer, please contact Skirt Sports at and we would be happy to tell you.