2019 Ambassador Champion Role Responsibilities and Agreement

The Skirt Sports CHAMPION Ambassador

Champion Ambassador’s Responsibilities:

  • Understands and can articulately discuss Skirt Sports’ mission, product line, and Skirt Sports events. Skirt Sports provides education through videos, FB Lives, emails, and FB posts.
  • Agrees to allow Skirt Sports to use her image in marketing efforts
  • Wears Skirt Sports products during fitness and fitness-related activities. Consider Skirt Sports products during non-fitness lifestyle activities as applicable. Exceptions include attendance at events that require other apparel brands are worn. Skirt Sports understands wearing and supporting apparel other than Skirt Sports.  Skirt Sports is not to be tagged in a social post when wearing a direct competitor’s athletic wear.
  • Content contributor to Skirt Sports channels
    • Social Media: LIKE/FOLLOW Skirt Sports social media platforms and participate with Skirt Sports on the Skirts Sports FB/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube channels routinely, responding to posts, liking posts, sharing posts, and tagging channels when applicable.
    • Social Media posting: Requirements include at minimum 4 sale/promotion posts per ambassador year (February-January) including 2 semi-annual end of season sales and 2 “thank you” promotions.
    • At minimum a total of 4 posts per ambassador year.  Posts can be in the form of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or a blog and can exceed the minimum requirements.  BrandChamp Activities are available as a guide to post on social media at your own discretion and is not mandatory to the Champion role.  By posting on a routine basis and the ambassador meets the minimum requirements for the role of a Pro Ambassador, your role will be promoted after a semi-annual review, or at the Community Outreach Manager’s discretion.  The role of the Pro is required to post in addition to the Champion requirements, 1 post per month according to BrandChamp Activity guidelines, with a total of a minimum of 16 social media posts per year.
  • Skirt Sports logos/Ambassador Stamp added to blog website (if Ambassador has a website) and other marketing channels
  • Participate in the Ambassador Management portal BrandChamp.  
    1. BrandChamp serves as the portal for all ambassador demographic and social information as well as social media, blog and review Activities.  Activities are a guide to social media and blog posting including content and hashtags.
    2. Submit the required 4 social posts via BrandChamp, as outlined above.
    3. BrandChamp serves as the tool to acquire points to redeem for additional Skirt perks such as gift certificates, products at a reduced price and free products.
    4. BrandChamp serves as the email communication tool.
  • Optional: If Ambassador has a blog or website, participate in the Skirt Sports affiliate program managed by Avantlink and the Skirt Sports Community Outreach Manager
    1. Avantlink gives the affiliate the ability to promote Skirt Sports and make a commission while doing so.
    2. Link to information about the Skirt Sports affiliate program: https://skirtsports.com/affiliate-program/
  • Skirt Sports logos/Ambassador Stamp  added to blog website (if Ambassador has a website) and other marketing channels
  • Attend monthly FB Live meetings or view if live attendance is not possible
  • Participate in Skirt Sports future product/print surveys
  • Distribute 15% off unique personal share shopping code
  • Provide referral link in all social media posts related to Skirt Sports as necessary, provided in BrandChamp user profile
  • Participate in the Skirts Sports Ambassador private Facebook group, and optionally the Sisterhood private FB group
      1. Checks the SSA pvt FB group 1 x week
      2. Checks the Sisterhood group as needed if participating
  • Participates in social media challenges (ie, Instagram #31daysofskirtsports), challenges will be provided in the BrandChamp portal
  •  We are a community based on the values of love, support, and kindness. For each other, for our bodies, for ourselves. We bring love, positivity, and support into the world within our ambassador community as well as our extended community. We do not tolerate hate, negativity or bullying in any form on any platform, virtually or face to face. As a Skirt Sports ambassador, I am committed to representing Skirt Sports values and will do my best to spread love, support, and positivity to myself and others. By committing to this statement, I will uphold the values of the Skirt Sports community and the brand. Skirt Sports reserves the right to terminate any relationship should an ambassador breach the terms of this commitment.

Skirt Sports Responsibilities:

  • $30 shopping allowance ($15/season), can be used on any Skirt Sports product(s) and with your Champion personal shopping discount.
  • 25% shopping discount for all full priced items offered on the Skirt Sports website and at the Skirt Sports Boulder, Colorado Flagship store
  • 15% off unique personal share discount code for the Champion’s friends, family, and following.  
  • Discounted entries to the Skirt Sports 13er, 5k/10 in Louisville, CO
  • Discounted entry code to the Skirt Sports 13er, 5k/10k in Louisville, CO to share with friends, family and following.
  • Discounted entry to the Skirt Sports 13er virtual race
  • Annual retreat, Skirt Sports 13er weekend
  • Pre-sale announcements
  • Pre-season sneak peeks
  • Design/print input for future Skirt Sports products
  • Monthly Facebook Live updates
  • Quarterly calendar updates on upcoming events, promotions, challenges
  • Skirt Sports product line overview 2x per year
  • Discounted Skirt Sports Ambassador gear
  • Opportunities to gain rewards (gift certificates, discounts, free/reduced products) using the Activity driven tasks in BrandChamp
  • Partner discounts
  • Updated and clear direction to Challenges and expectations with the BrandChamp portal
  • Opportunities for promotion to the Pro or Captain level as well as acquire additional discounts, gift certificates, product and other perks via BrandChamp Challenges

Either party reserves the right to change or terminate this agreement at any time with clear communication in writing. This agreement may be extended upon approval by both parties. This ambassador agreement is in no way an employment agreement.  By joining the BrandChamp portal you agree to the responsibilities as a Skirt Sports Ambassador.

Term: Upon signing through Jan 31, 2020