About Skirt Sports

One cold afternoon in December of 2003, in the small Rocky Mountain foothill town of Lyons, Colorado, professional triathlete Nicole DeBoom was on a training run. As she ran down Main St. her reflection in a storefront caught her eye – for all the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwrong reasons.

“I literally stopped dead in my run and thought 1) I look like a boy, 2) I’m uninspired, 3) I just want to feel pretty. I immediately ran home, scribbled the word pretty on a piece of paper and started dreaming up ways to start a clothing company,” said Nicole.

Her goal was simple – to create a line of cute, flattering, high-performance running apparel. She believed that you truly could have it all – performance, great fit, and style – but no brand had been able to capture the trifecta.

On September 12, 2004, after swimming 2.4 miles, and cycling 112 miles, Nicole started the final leg of Ironman Wisconsin – a full marathon – in 3rd place, wearing a high-performance, lightweight, race-belt skirt – her own prototype design. Over the course of those 26.2 miles she proved that women can have it all -passing her competitors one by one and winning her first Ironman – in the prototype skirt that would later launch the Skirt Revolution.

She incorporated Skirt Sports three days later – and off to the races it truly was! The first generation of running skirts created a fast and furious skirt craze, one that emboldened Skirt Sports to expand beyond that signature item and become the brand we are today – a community of women who support and inspire each other in our pursuit of happiness through the transformative power of running and fitness.

Today, Skirt Sports is the only women’s activewear brand that truly celebrates today’s real woman. We make products that range from XS to XXL (sizes zero to 22). We offer events that help women walk their first 5k, run a tough 13.1, learn about nutrition and proper form, or just hang out, shop and drink wine! We don’t work with professional models – all of our marketing is based around our friends, ambassadors and customers – of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnic backgrounds, athletic abilities, and more. We accept everyone with open arms on our quest for a happy, healthy life. We hope you’ll share your journey with us too!