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98 – The Yogi Triathletes Got Rid of 95% of Their Stuff to Live More Vibrant Lives

Meet my old friends Jessica and BJ Gumkowski, the Yogi Triathletes. I first met them many years ago; in fact, Jessica was one of our very first Skirt Sports ambassadors back in 2005ish. At that time, they were a young married couple pursuing a life of triathlon, in the hyper-competitive town of Boulder, measuring their happiness by their successes on the race course and in the workplace. At some point along the way, an ad for tiny homes on BJ’s computer screen sparked an “a-ha moment” which ultimately led to a completely new life for them.


They quit their jobs, gave away 95% of their stuff and decided to embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Today they have completed rebuilt their lives to be based around mindfulness, meditation and helping others. Their Yogi Triathlete Movement is spreading quickly, with a focus on training the whole athlete, inside and out, mind/body/soul. As they say, before there was mindfulness in coaching, there was Jessica and BJ!


Today we share the mic and essentially interview each other in a dual conversation that hits on so many fun and interesting topics such as:

  • Letting go of our identities when defined by what we do
  • Going from bitch to your best
  • Sober living
  • Anxiety and depression
  • White light pantsuits
  • A difference between men & women; men internalize
  • Ironman Wisconsin
  • Having (or not having) a child: Acceptance both ways
  • The Divine Schedule Maker
  • Going minimal and erasing “Decision fatigue”
  • True happiness


This is such an awesome conversation. One of my biggest regrets is not asking Jessica more about her past life. And also not having them give me a guided meditation! I hope you enjoy – and PLEASE CHECK OUT THEIR PODCAST! For more of the YT’s, they have some incredible episodes I’m sure you will enjoy. All right then, you know what time it is. It’s time to get out there and Run This World. Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week!