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77 – Craig Towler – Life Can Change in a Flash


Meet Craig Towler – a man with strength, resilience and gratitude well beyond what most of us will ever imagine in this lifetime. In July 2016, Craig was struck by an impaired driver while unloading supplies from his car in front of his home in Boulder. Both of his legs were disconnected from his body in the impact. He survived – barely – and today he faces the world as a double amputee, a title he is working hard to embrace as he continues to pursue the life that he dreams about.

I reached out to Craig after following his story for a year, and asked if he would meet me to decide if he wanted to be a guest on my podcast. The minute I met Craig, I knew I was in the presence of someone who was put here to cast a light on this world and everyone he touches. Yes, the accident changed him and in some ways, opened his eyes, but I truly believe that he would be leaving his mark of positivity no matter what direction his life took and what direction it continues to take.



I know that some of you will wonder about the accident and specifically, the driver who hit Craig. I know I did. You can feel free to google it and you’ll find some information, but the truth is, Craig doesn’t want to focus on that part of his story. It doesn’t help him move his life forward, so we don’t discuss it. Today we have a long discussion about so many different aspects of life from relationships with others, to our relationship with our own bodies, the technical details of having amputated limbs, including a great cameo from his prosthetist Angela. We also have a few fun interruptions and another on-the-spot cameo from Craig’s girlfriend Amanda. It’s a lively one for sure!



Craig is a mix between the guy-next-door who you want to hang out with everyday and one of the most inspirational and enlightened people who walk this earth. And when I say walk, you’ll see what I mean when you follow Craig on Instagram. Actually I mention this in the interview – our goal is to get Craig up to 10k followers on Instagram. So make sure you follow craig.a.towler – it will help him get the word out about his new business Amputee Concierge – a free service he wants to provide to help other people who are going through limb loss. Because that’s what Craig does – when faced with a setback that meant he had to push pause on his progress with his prosthetic legs and spend months back in a chair, Craig started a business – a business to help others on that note!


Today we talk about:

  • Adapting to life as a double amputee
  • Relationships with people around you through the good and tough times (including a cameo by his girlfriend Amanda)
  • Relationships with our own bodies: embracing who we are regardless of how we look
  • July 4, 2016: The accident
  • Craig’s ongoing recovery
  • Accepting reality and staying in the moment when things are out of our control
  • Physiological changes (Craig “runs hot” now!) & dietary changes
  • The importance of sharing things that are difficult – how it can help you grow
  • Getting back up on legs – Craig’s prosthetist Angela explains the process
  • Amputee Concierge: Craig’s new business with a mission to help people who are dealing with limb loss
  • No Bull: How a pair of shoes gave Craig motivation
  • And many many incredible thoughts to consider as we navigate this messy difficult world – thoughts that will help you focus on the positive and continue to pursue happiness in this precious life of ours


After listening to this episode, you may want to support Craig – you can donate to him and his cause. Your money will help Craig get Amputee Concierge off the ground, as well as continue to assist with the ongoing costs of life as a double amputee.  There is no reason not to follow and support this amazing human being! Click here to donate. Click here to follow Craig on Instagram!


I love every guest I interview and I truly believe that they are put on this planet for a purpose. I believe in my heart that Craig is meant to do incredible things. He already is. Just by putting himself out there to share the moments that he said are hardest for him. Those are the moments that help the most people. This was a long one so I will let you keep running, but not before I paraphrase Craig’s final nugget. Roll this around as you continue to move through this holiday season.


“Focus on day to day tasks and give meaning to the little things we do. Don’t take anything for granted, even the things we think are meaningless and a waste of time. Figure out why you think they’re a waste of time and figure out their purpose. Then you realize that everything you do is leading to something and has a greater purpose even if it doesn’t seem like that in the moment. Then we can appreciate parts of the day that we used to overlook. It’s a more fulfilling way to live our lives.”


Okay then you know what time it is! It’s time to get out there and run this world. Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week!