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Run This World Podcast – Gunhild Swanson Proves Age Doesn’t Matter

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Meet Gunhild Swanson, the oldest woman to ever finish the 100-mile Western States race – at 70 years old. And finish she did – with 6 seconds to spare – in 2015, Gunhild gave everything she had to squeak across the line in 29 hours 59 minutes 54 seconds. Today you get to hear all the details of her incredible race and more including:


  • Gunhild’s incredible Western States 100 Mile Race
  • The power of cheering
  • What it feels like to get “Nana’d”
  • How last can be most inspirational
  • Don’t ever underestimate the importance of speed workouts
  • The power of willing the body to do what the mind commands of it


Please watch Gunhild’s amazing Western States finishing video on Youtube. It brings tears to my eyes every time. If you want to connect with her, go to her Facebook page and make a new friend! You’ll see that she isn’t stopping anytime soon.


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