2019 Skirt Sports Ambassador Retreat and 13er FAQ’s

  1. Is there a deadline to register for the events, the hotel lodging, and the race?
    • Retreat Events: Yes, there is a deadline of one month before the event.  If there are spots still available we will possibly open the deadline on a week by week basis.  The hard cutoff is 14 days before the event as we need to give final numbers to the banquet facility at the hotel to solidify catering as well as the banquet room set up.  In addition, we will take down registration should we meet our max attendance which is 300 registrants.
    • Hotel Lodging: Yes, the hotel lodging special room rate ends one month before the event to ensure they have enough time to book any unreserved rooms for the general public.  We currently have 50 rooms blocked for the weekend, should we meet that number we will potentially negotiate another block of rooms if needed, however, the same rate is not guaranteed.
    • Race Registration:  You can register for the race through race morning, please check the race rates, the next increase is not until 2/28/2019.
  2. How many people can fit into the Embassy Suites rooms that are part of the room block?
    • Your options: Reserve a king (1 king) suite or a queen (2 queens) suite. The suites are 2 rooms, the living area has a pull-out couch. Depending on how roomy or close for comfort you want to be, you can have anywhere from 2-4 in the king suite or, 3-6 in the queen!  It’s all based on your comfort level but I wouldn’t recommend going over the max listed.
  3. Can I stay extra days at the hotel for the same rate?
    • Yes.  We hope some do plan on making a nice vacation out of the retreat weekend.  If you would like to stay longer at the hotel on either end of the weekend, please contact Kayla Simmering at kayla.simmering@SageHospitality.com.  She will help you with the accommodations and rates.
  4. Is there a Facebook Group so we can discuss lodging, meetups, transportation and of course share the excitement of the weekend!?!
    • Yes, we have a Facebook Group for all event registered or intended registered ambassadors to discuss the weekend’s events including all areas such as lodging (roommates or not?), transportation (to bus it or rent car?), meetups (any runs, or local to-do’s?), and anything else that you’d like to share!  Click here to join.
  5. I’m not registered for the events yet, but fully intend to, can I still join the FB Group?
    • Yes.  The reason we are keeping the group to registered or “intend” to register is to help keep the group organized and also to be fair to those that cannot make it so they don’t feel sad or left out.  Click here to join.
  6. Will I have a chance to shop at the Mothership with all the activities going on?
    • Yes.  The store will have extended hours the week prior to event from 10:00 AM- 7:00 PM (Tues-Thurs) and then 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM on Friday to make sure everyone including store staff have time to come to the Friday night event at the hotel (only 4 blocks away).  Saturday the store will be open from 10:00 AM- 5:30 PM so you can come shop as soon as the Saturday event commences, we’ll most likely have a field trip from the hotel to the store for anyone who’d like to join!  We will also have a tent set up at the race on Sunday with most product from the store, however, limited amounts in sizes.
  7. What is the refund policy if I cannot make the event after registering?
      • 6-8 month cancellation: 90% refund
      • 4-6 month cancellation: 75% refund
      • 2-3 month cancellation: 50% refund
      • 1-2 month cancellation: 25% refund
      • Less than one month: no refund
  8. What about the hotel?  I want to make sure I have a room, should I book it and cancel if I cannot make it?
    • Skirt Sports is responsible for a guaranteed certain number of nights, regardless of whether they are booked or not.  We would prefer the hotel to be booked if it’s a sure plan to stay at the hotel.  While we cannot control this as it is a “hold without paying” reservation you do have the option to cancel outside of 48 hours of the arrival date.  Check the FB group and maybe join a group that is a definite “in”, with the possibility of not being an “in”.  There are lots of lodging options!
  9. I’m coming into town early, what can I do to make the most of my trip?
    • Check out the schedule of events!  We’ll have so much going on that you can join in on such as hikes, biking, shopping, dining, etc… OR we can give you recommendations for other activities.  If you have something you’d like to do as a group, please let Noelle know (ambassador@skirtsports.com) and we’ll work it into the schedule!  Extracurricular activities are open to family and friends.
  10. The hotel seems a little pricey, is it worth it?
    • Boulder, Colorado is not an inexpensive city for sure, however, we did a lot of research to find the best place that could meet our requirements for the retreat weekend.  Not only is the Embassy Suites the best place, it’s the only venue in the city of Boulder that can house the number of anticipated guests in the banquet room, but also have lodging accommodations.  The room rate has some great benefits and even some money saving ones.
      • Made to order breakfast is included during your stay (no extra $ for breakfast)
      • Evening happy hour with beverages and snacks (no extra $ for happy hour)
      • Suite-style accommodations with a kitchenette so you can bring in your own food (stay in and bring food, save $)
      • Rooftop pool (need I say more!)
      • 24-hour state of the art workout facility (keep up with your workouts while on the road at no extra $)
      • Central Boulder, CO location (no car needed, bus, walking, biking or uber is at your doorstep, save $)
  11. Can I bring a friend/family member to the Retreat Events?
    • The Ambassador Retreat events (Friday night 7:00-9:30 and Saturday 10:00-3:00) are for Ambassadors only, however, your friends or family members can certainly join in on any of the extra fun activities (hiking, biking, shopping, dining, etc….) as well as the 13er/5k/10k race.
  12. Any more questions?  Send them to Noelle (ambassador@skirtsports.com) and we’ll get them posted with an answer!