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2016 Here We Come!

Happy New Year! Before I look forward to 2016, it’s important to spend a few minutes looking back. A year is a long time. 365 varied days ranging from joyous to outright miserable. While it’s important to remember and learn from the negative things that happen, it doesn’t help to focus on them if you want to grow forward. So I will focus on the good, strong, positive, inspiring, exciting things that shaped my life last year to help pave my path for 2016.

What was I most grateful for in 2015?

My body.

Even with its increasing aches and pains, my body is still there for me. It allows me to enjoy the beauty of nature in a way that makes my heart pound and my soul sing. Thank you body.

What did your body do for you in 2015?

My mind.

At the beginning of 2015, I wrote down a list of mind-bending things that I wanted to accomplish this year. New business challenges including a Kickstarter campaign for an easy-pee skirt. A year-long personal eating quest to discover what makes me tick at 43. Home improvement projects. A robust speaking tour to new audiences. I did them all. I learned new skills and my brain was sharpened with each new endeavor. Thank you mind.

What did you learn in 2015? How were you challenged mentally and emotionally?

My family.

Five years ago, my husband Tim and I decided to finally have a kid. That baby girl is now four year old. Tim and I have become a team in a way we didn’t understand before. I now realize that you must be a strong team to handle the challenges that a smart little whippersnapper like our Wilder can bring! I am beyond grateful to have such a special husband, daughter, parents, sister and more. Thank you family.

How did your family surprise you in 2015? Have you told them how grateful you are?


In 2015 we created a platform for our community to share stories of health and fitness. We called it #REALwomenmove. We had no idea what would happen. Maybe no one would chime in. Maybe it would flop. Gratefully, quite the opposite happened. We were blown away by what we found. Not only do women want to share, they crave the connection to other women and want to help them however they can. We discovered that the simple act of sharing a personal story – be it love (“A Valentine’s Day Love Letter to Me”), loss (“Moving Through Breast Cancer” – 33 and fighting cancer) , transformation (“You ARE My People” – from prison to marathons), hardship (“Who Am I?” – from 410 pounds to 10 half marathons) or victory (“You’re Never Too Old” – started running at 58) – could change the lives of other people who are going through those same things in their own ways.

In 2016, my goal is to bring women together in an even more powerful way. When we are supported, we are more confident, strong, and powerful. We can accomplish more. We can get through the tough spots more seamlessly. We are not alone! I invite you to become more active in our community. Send us your stories. Put yourself out there. We promise to connect and share your power with the world.

A New Year is a literal snapshot in time that gives you permission to pause, reflect, set new goals and then hit “Go!” Let’s do this together in 2016!