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148 – Sarah Canney’s Relentless Path Forward

Sarah Canney is a creator. A creator of things that bring love, light and empowerment. Like her three amazing children, her Rise Run Retreats and her new book “Renew: Roadmap to a Better Body Image.” Sarah Canney is also a defeater; a defeater of things that hold us back. Namely bulimia and negative self-image. It took a long time for her to break free from the grip of eating disorders and negative body image. Now that she is in recovery, she openly shares her journey with the goal of helping others.

Sarah has built up an impressive arsenal of tools to help her navigate the crap life throws at us. Today we dig into many of them. Her ultimate mission is to help other women gain confidence and find strength in their own lives. We have a deep, sometimes emotional, sometimes funny conversation about Sarah’s path through her struggles into a place of true authenticity.

Today we cover:

  • Sarah’s background: How her fear of screwing up started young and created a foundation for her future struggles
  • Eating disorders: how anorexia turned into bulimia
  • How running fit into the equation
  • Getting pregnant: How true recovery started nine years later thanks to her daughter
  • The importance of “The Pause” in all aspects of our lives
  • Learning to accept feelings of fullness
  • The freedom in your brain when it no longer has to constantly think about food
  • Giving birth to a baby with a birth defect: helping him recover and heal
  • Rise Run Retreats: How you can get involved
  • Her new book: “Renew: Roadmap to a Better Body Image”

We all have a mission. This is Sarah’s: I want to help other women gain confidence and find strength.” It’s pretty obvious from this interview that Sarah truly wants to help other people and that her true light shines when she is making connections and helping others make connections. For more Sarah Canney, check out these links: