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145 – Tina Muir Gets Real

Tina Muir is many things. But that wasn’t always so. For a long time, she was a runner – a world-class, professional distance runner who sacrificed just about everything for performance. That is, until she decided that running was no longer enough and it was time to add a new adventure to her life. That adventure is now 19 months old, named Bailey Grace, and it’s a testament to Tina’s will to change that her baby girl is here with us today.

When Tina decided to stop racing professionally, she knew it was time to start a family, something she had always wanted. The problem is that she suffered from amenorrhea, a lack of menstruation, for eight years. It’s kind of hard to get pregnant if you don’t have a period! So Tina knew she both had to make some huge lifestyle changes and she found that speaking out about her challenges was therapeutic. The side effect is that it launched her into the mainstream running world in a bigger way than her actual running results!

Tina got pregnant shortly afterward, started her amazing podcast career, became a coach/guide to many and hasn’t looked back. In just two years, her podcast has gained over 2 million downloads, her book, “Overcoming Amenorrhea” has helped many and her authentic, transparent personality continues to humanize her.

Today we talk about:

  • Becoming a runner
  • Finding joy in running as a child and encouraging parents to focus on joy, not results
  • Coming to the States: Running in college and meeting a boy
  • Path out of amenorrhea: Coming to grips with what’s healthy and what’s not healthy
  • Comparison trap: Why being cool is a tough habit to break
  • Parenting: what values Tina wants her daughter to have
  • Podcasting: people are more willing to be open with you when you share openly with them
  • Gratitude lists
  • Tina’s perfect day: it includes Disney!
  • And so much more

For more Tina Muir, check out the many cool things she does!

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