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133 – Sarah Clarkson Leans into Fear (and Makes Amazing Bags)

Sarah Clarkson is the founder of Transience, a trendy bag company based in New York. This was her first-ever podcast interview. I tested out one of her cool Swing Bags and as I learned more about the brand, I thought it would be cool to showcase “one woman’s path to her current purpose.” At one point in the interview Sarah is talking about how she started her company. One day years ago, she sat shivering in an office, doing design work for another company and she simply realized “I no longer want to be at the mercy of someone else’s air conditioning.”

I love this sentiment! There are definitely moments in our lives when it’s time for us to take control and make changes. Even, and especially, when making those changes scares you. Sarah has experienced many of those moments starting in her early years when she left home at 16 to pursue a trade. We have a great conversation about the winding path she took toward control of her own destiny.

We talk about:

  • Growing up in a small village in the UK
  • Leaving home at 16 to pursue floristry
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: how she endured and eventually conquered this condition, largely through exercise
  • Developing a relationship with her dad in her teens
  • Moving to Columbus, OH from the UK (culture shock)
  • The grind: Working 24/7 in NYC – helping others get rich
  • Her accidental path toward making her own bags
  • Transience today
  • Leaning into your fears & getting out of your comfort zone
  • And much more!

I met Sarah through a cool marketing campaign Transience is running called #whatsinHERbag – I didn’t realize until they reached out that I had still been using my diaper bag as my gym bag. So it was time to upgrade. Definitely head over to and use the code NICOLE30 on something awesome! I have a Swing Bag and I love it. Simple, streamlined, functional. I love supporting entrepreneurs, especially women who are creators. Sarah Clarkson is definitely one of these women.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about one woman’s path to her purpose. I believe that while our past often informs our present, it doesn’t define us or confine us. Sarah is a shining example of a woman who has overcome obstacles and continues to pursue her dreams each day by leaning into the things that she’s afraid of.

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