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129 – How Leadville 100 Champion Katie Arnold Found her Flow

Meet ultrarunning superstar (Winner of the 2018 Leadville 100), Outside magazine columnist, mom of two strong girls, and author of “Running Home” the incredible Katie Arnold. The universe works in crazy ways. I happened to tune into a recent Another Mother Runner podcast featuring this really interesting woman named Katie Arnold. I was listening to her story and she mentioned that her crew at Leadville included her Boulder friend Susie. I kept thinking, I wonder if I know Susie, as if I know all the people who are in the Boulder ultrarunning world! I loved the interview and thought “I need to get Katie on my podcast.” When I got home, I had an email from former podcast guest – Episode 93 – Susie Rinehart Chooses Brave Over Perfect. She is launching her first book and asked me to emcee her launch party. In the same email, she said, “I think you should interview my friend Katie Arnold!” And the circle was complete!

Katie and I interviewed in person after a super muddy, annoying run in the Boulder foothills while she was visiting for a couple stops on her book tour. We had a blast and got down and dirty on many topics. I want to warn you that there may be a little hiccup partway through. You see, I outed one of the big mysteries of the book and Katie was giving me the “cut” “don’t go there” sign, so we paused and rejoined. Maybe you’ll notice; maybe you won’t.

Today we talk about:

  • Running in all its glory: how she started, why she’s still going, what it means to her and how it serves the other parts of her life
  • The Flow of Running: how to BE the thing you do
  • Anxiety: how she got through it
  • Dealing with her dad’s death
  • The BOOK “Running Home” – Head over to your local bookstore or grab a copy on Amazon
  • Running & writing & how they serve each other
  • Motherhood
  • And so much more

Katie is a complete Rockstar. Just being around her, makes me feel like I’m in the flow. I love how she says that when you are in the flow, you become the thing you are doing. You are running. You are writing. You are eating. You are breathing. It’s honestly a little too deep for me sometimes so I just sit with the concept and then guess what, while I’m sitting with the concept I become Sitting with the Concept! Yes serious mind blow right there! This episode is just so full of nuggets. I’m anxious to hear what your faves are. Please post and let me know!

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