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128 – Jennifer Brown is Creating a More Inclusive World

Jennifer Brown is a crusader. Her life’s mission is to help give a voice to people who have felt marginalized. And she’s doing it in so many ways. From her own personal experience – her openness and vulnerability give so many others comfort and hope. To her community outreach through her podcast, her books and her speaking. And finally on a huge platform, as a consultant to huge fortune 500 companies that know they need to do better, to make change and to become more inclusive.

I met Jen Brown through our friend Erin Weed (episode 114 Erin Weed Digs you). Jen and I were seeking our truths – trying to put a finger on our greater messages and how to get them out into the world in a more powerful way. I have to say that Jen has definitely found her truth. She is leading the tidal wave of diversity and inclusion work that can and is changing the way we view each other in this crazy world. You know what she’s really doing? She’s creating a more loving world.

Today we talk about:

  • Today’s world of Diversity & Inclusion: how do we help others (& ourselves) feel less marginalized
  • How you can make change to become more inclusive
  • Using your voice on behalf of others
  • Businesses have the power to lead: Gillette ad about toxic masculinity
  • How to be an inclusive leader
  • How to speak in a way that doesn’t offend or exclude people
  • Covering: What this means and how to avoid it
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • And so much more!

Check out Jennifer’s Inbound Bold talk about the “iceberg.”

Don’t miss her TedX Presidio Talk “Finding Your Voice in the Workplace”

I’m sure many of you wish I would do a full marathon session because we could listen to Jennifer all day long! One of my favorite Jen quotes from this episode is, “Let’s not make diversity about the pain Olympics!” We all have a diversity story; and most of us are covering in some way. There is no winning at the pain Olympics. Instead I think the overriding message is that it’s important for us to help elevate each other in our quests for happier, healthier lives. To use our voices not only on our own behalf, but on the behalf of others who we see as being treated unequally. I hope you loved this episode as much as I did.

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