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124 – Fran Dunaway Delivers Freedom through Underwear

Fran Dunaway is the co-founder of TomboyX – a gender neutral apparel brand that made its name in undies. She describes herself as coming out of the womb a boss, but I would say that Fran is the farthest thing from bossy. She’s gracious, humble, compassionate, thoughtful. She’s also incredibly smart, one of the best strategic thinkers I’ve ever met, incredibly brave and she’s seriously disrupting an industry. She says that when they launched their first women’s boxers, they accidentally stepped into a white space that so desperately needed to be filled. Well, they filled it! And they didn’t stop at boxers either. TomboyX added a full line of underwear from thongs to mid thigh shorts; now they offer bras, sleepwear, sweats, swimwear and more.

Today we uncover some of the core values that drive Fran; the stuff that makes her tick. And like so many others, that secret sauce is rooted in experiences good, bad and ugly. I will say that when we stumbled upon Fran’s journey with eye cancer which floored me, she mentioned that it was 5 years after her breast cancer journey. For some reason during the interview, that statement didn’t hit me. I think I was hung up on the eye cancer journey so I literally didn’t absorb that statement. It wasn’t until after I listened to the episode on a hike that I realized, Fran is a two-time cancer survivor. This woman is an absolute gift to the world and she is meant to be here doing exactly what she’s doing.

Episode DEAL!

TomboyX is offering 15% off with the code BLOOM15 – the funny thing is that after the interview she said she meant to say BOOM but it came out as BLOOM which I thought was sort of a play on Bloomers! We had a good laugh about that – so BLOOM15 it is. Go get some skivvies!

Today we talk about:

  • TomboyX didn’t start with undies – it started with button-ups! (not button-downs)
  • The power of a name
  • Coming out: closed doors opening & why some people weren’t happy about it
  • Naomi: Fran’s wife & business partner – how they make it work plus their wedding story
  • Eye cancer came out of nowhere
  • TomboyX in all its glory: the origin, genesis and where they are today
  • Gender neutral clothing: How is this possible?
  • Leadership nuggets
  • Side note: Do you think Skirt Sports should partner up with TomboyX and make some active undies?

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